Diggers Park

Fostering Community Growth and Enjoyment of Nature

Diggers Park stands as a remarkable embodiment of Henry Halloran’s vision to establish reserves, parks, and gardens that facilitate community gatherings and appreciation of nature. Halloran aimed for his subdivisions to harmonise with the environment, emphasising environmental friendliness.

This park is a realisation of Henry’s aspiration for carefully planned open spaces accessible to the community. Reflecting the principles of the Garden City movement, internal reserves were introduced, enclosed by house blocks and designed exclusively for pedestrian access. These spaces not only provided a safe environment for children to play, away from traffic but also allowed them to be within sight of their homes.

In the early 20th century, gardens were highly esteemed for delivering social and health benefits, being viewed as promoters of moral growth.

Diggers Park has evolved into beautiful gardens, a testament to the dedicated efforts of a small group of individuals who have tirelessly worked to preserve and enhance this reserve, creating the inviting gardens that visitors enjoy today.

Originally envisioned as a shared space for food cultivation and as a safe play area for all residents living around the park, it has also become a vital part of the koala corridor winding through Tanilba Bay.

Affectionately referred to by locals as the “secret garden,” its hidden beauty beckons.